Our Euro Summer Spree

10 Apr

Join our Summer Spree!

We are excited about this Spree because it gives buyers the flexibility to pay in installments of up to 3 payments if they need it. When they complete payments, the items will be here and ready for delivery 🙂  This special arrangement is for months April, May and June only and the items arrive in June too.  So everything will be all set and ready with no long waiting periods once final payment has been made!

There are quite a number of terms which I thought buyers should read through though.  Mainly pertaining to issues like paying on time as well as managing expectations on what their items come with and to what extent is our liability towards the items purchased.  I think many people may not really understand that a reseller will never be able to truly address issues pertaining to manufacturing.   Besides this, many buyers do see purchasing in terms of just 1 item (their item basically) and they don’t really see the process as a whole involving many items which are bought and hand carried back.  It can be quite complicated with different boutiques having many rules and regulations, and various SAs with inconsistent sales practices.  My regular buyer who usually goes few times a year has been facing some problems with SAs not wanting to give small boxes and additional paperbags for smaller items when big items are purchased together.  I feel that’s just down right mean because a legitimate purchase deserves the packaging we ask for.  On top of that, if a buyer is difficult, the store can actually chose to blacklist you and not allow you to purchase for a period of time.  So it is no longer the store who wants our business, it is more of the customer now asking to allow the store to even let them purchase their items in the first place! So the store can afford to be snobbish when they feel like it since the demand from the customers are so high.

Stores also have issues printing duplicate receipts. No idea why this is such a big issue, but they will say ‘sorry we don’t do that’. So if you want individual receipts for your items for any reason, you may have to buy 1 item at a time, go out, come back in and purchase something else. This is fine if there is no line, but in Europe there usually is a line! Especially during peak travel seasons. So all this is fine if you only have 1 item to buy, but totally inconvenient if you have a shopping list!  Now if you think buying is the easy part, well despite the difficulties faced, it actually is the easier part of the process because nobody really gives a thought to how heavy these items are when you have to carry them back to the hotel with you. One bag – easy, two bags – no sweat. Anything more than 3 or 4 and you start to feel the stress of it all 😦 More than 5 or 6 and you wish you had a personal butler! They are insanely heavy, the paperbags are bloody heavy too and your arms, shoulders, back and every center of your being is wondering why you are here and doing this AGAIN! 😛

Now once the items have been purchased and lugged back with much difficulty, the task now lies with doing some magic with space allocation. Luggage bags can’t be too big (less they attract unwanted attention from greedy customs officers) and they can’t be small because space for items is really needed. So they are big but not huge.  This means bags have to be packed in such a way as to maximise space while ensuring the condition of each item is maintained throughout their journey.  Easy? Not in the least!  It really requires a lot of planning, a lot of trial and error and packing and repacking several times in order to get everything to fit in the best way possible.  Truth be told is that when packing is done, you feel like somewhat of a packing genius. You look at your partner and friend with a satisfied cheshire cat smile as if you have done a wonderful job of packing that no one else could accomplish! 😀 To an extent it really really feels like it because so much brain power is’s like solving a jigsaw or a rubics cube. So you smile a “I am so smart” smile only to be given a “have you forgotten how heavy these bags are going to be” look from your partner 😦  Oh dear..the journey which you for one second thought completed, is only half on it’s way! The rest is yet to come, and that being lugging the heavy luggage to the cab, to the airport, claiming VAT, checking in and finally boarding your plane home.

Yes it is a long process, but it is a process we must do as part of our job which we undoubtedly still love. While you – the buyer wait, eager, impatient sometimes, maybe excited, some even delirious, to receive, open and see the goodies you have ordered. Ahhh the satisfaction of that moment makes it all worth the while, for you as well as for us 🙂

To be a part of this adventure, join us HERE

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