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The Selma

4 May

Once again, we have neglected to update the blog ­čśŽ Mostly because I have been sick and trying to manage and juggle everything is really tough! My free days are all about recovering from my dialysis treatments and when I am better I try to get some work done. It is all very overwhelming and I de-stress by watching downloaded TV series haha… Fun to me now is looking forward to the next episode of whichever series I am following.

I promised in the previous post to blog about the ‘it’ bag from Michael Kors and that bag is none other then the Selma satchel which comes in various sizes. ┬áFirst, the Selma comes in satchel form with handles as well as a long strap, and it also comes in a messenger style which only has the long strap. The messenger is smaller than the satchel. ┬áMessenger comes in two sizes – mini and medium. Satchel comes in three sizes – medium, large and north/south. North South is quite tall and not as popular as the other two. For accuracy sake, I must point out that the medium satchel is more like a small satchel, and the large satchel is more like a medium satchel in my opinion. ┬áHere is an example of the measurements for the satchel: Image Above is the medium satchel shown here in Coffee & with studs. Below is the large satchel in plain Black.Image

This may give you some indication as to the size and below are some pictures of people modelling the large:-

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ┬á Beautiful, isn’t it? And that’s not all, the colors are mostly seasonal so you always see a fresh wave of colors to suit all kinds of people and trends. ┬áThe latest to this collection is a luxurious looking patent version. Patent leather is one of my favourites because of the fuss-free nature of this leather – not easily scratched, water resistant, and very tough. The only downside is to be careful of putting it next to a magazine because the print can transfer onto the bag. Here is a sample of the patent leather Selma in Black and Red: ImageImage ┬á Overall, I’d say this is definitely a bag to add to your collection. No matter what size you choose, and what kind of leather you prefer, the shape alone is sophisticated and fun. And if you don’t fancy a bigger bag and just want something small and cute, you may consider the messenger as shown below: Image Also comes in various colors to suit your style ­čÖé Feast on these pictures, till the next entry then!

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