Cathing Up

12 Oct

We have been delinquent! Or playing truant and not been blogging here for months! ūüė¶ So sorry as life and other things got in the way of passionate writing and heart-pouring if you like! Haha.. Let’s see, last update was in June, wow that’s a really long time to have gone M-I-S-S-I-N-G! I guess this will be a catch-up post of things gone by then.¬†

We’ll start by talking a bit about London. ¬†London was colder than expected ūüė¶ I personally do not enjoy cold weather, so wasn’t too keen on venturing out much. ¬†However because we had to get all the items on our buying list, I dragged my butt out into the streets nonetheless and tried to get as much done in as little time as possible. ¬†The stores were nice and warm so that was pleasant. ¬†Look at me being all mengada-ngada when the temp was only about 13-15 degrees celcius LOL! Some people who have experienced real winter would laugh at me, but well I have very low tolerance for cold weather so it was quite a jump from the heat wave of 36 degrees here in humid KL!! ¬†Overall though, ¬†being in a foreign country is always nice because you see so much differences from things back home. ¬†Besides doing the usual downtown shopping, we also rented a car and went outlet shopping which was also very nice. ¬†Shopping is tiring though, and I would think again before planning another trip. ¬†It is not so much fun holidaying when you also have to work and shopping has turned into work for me hence taking a lot of fun out of the adventure. ¬†There was a last minute client who was quite demanding and fickle, but alas every job has it’s challenges and this is definitely one that is down my usual alley so I handled it as best I could and thankfully everything turned out well ūüôā Phew! Besides this, I got a really good deal in terms of lodging. ¬†We rented a room in a new and modern apartment with a guy who was half English and half Kuwait-ie. ¬†Had interesting conversations with him and he is a cool dude! Was very flexible and easy to live with for those few days of our stay. ¬†Our room was extremely comfortable although the bed too soft for me, but otherwise it was really nice, clean and having a patio was definitely a plus. ¬†I would definitely go back there again if I could, as the location of this apartment is right opposite Madam Tussaud’s and near the Baker Street Underground station as well. Super convenient!¬†

I managed to get one session of dialysis done at the St John’s and St Elizabeth’s hospital there. Facilities were good, chair was very comfortable, even had a personal TV. ¬†As usual, very expensive to do holiday dialysis but no choice for me. ¬†I have to get at least 1 or 2 sessions done when I go away for a long trip. Thankfully, in first world countries hospital facilities are top notch so at least you aren’t worried about hygiene.¬†

Back home in Malaysia, July came and went rather swiftly. ¬†We celebrated two birthdays and had a blast. ¬†I had the chance of going to The Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands. ¬†Really enjoyed the old-world charm of the house and the cool (but not too cold) surroundings. ¬†Plants and flowers thrive there and I really found simple happiness in them. ¬†Sitting out in the garden was a really nice experience since you don’t get hot and sticky there. I do look forward to going again sometime soon.¬†

August and September were busy months where work is concerned and that has somehow spilled over to October as well. We have had much interest in Michael Kors lately and I think having the boutiques here in KL help. ¬†Before the shops opened here, there was absolutely no interest in these brands. ¬†Well, Malaysia being a relatively new country where designer items are concerned, it is no wonder at all. ¬†Will blog soon about the “IT” Michael Kors bag of 2013, coming out soon in new colors and maybe will pick a favourite as well. (Although previous attempts at doing so prove futile since they are all very lovely!)¬†

Till then! 

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