The Dior Panarea Tote

6 Jun


What an inspiring array of colors on this jaw dropping beauty! We love this bag and you will too. This is called the Panarea Tote from Christian Dior which comes in two sizes. In Europe they call it the Small and the Medium, but our petite asian built has us renaming them informally to Medium and Large respectively.  

The Medium is a great every day bag and is a perfect size for your daily go-to needs. It carries everything a girl could need, even your ipad, a couple of folders and more!  If you are an absolute horder, and require a much much bigger tote, then the Large may be for you, however, if you are petite this size could be a tad bit overwhelming. 

This tote isn’t always available in all the colors shown. The colors are seasonal and summer is a good time to catch the awesome colors on display provided they haven’t sold out yet! A popular choice is the Light Pink.  For those who prefer bright dazzling colors, the Coral is also a popular choice.  Beige and Black is of course the classic favourites for the more traditional carriers. 

Whatever color your heart desires, this is a practical and versatile tote. Dior gives it a beatiful quilted classic look that only Dior can and we believe this will be a classic beauty for many, many years to come! 

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