Something Funny

6 Apr

Something funny about Malaysians which I find endearing is the way we pronounce certain words.  I struggle to correct people when they attempt to pronounce The Chic Sac.  Most Malaysians say “the chick sack” – which undoubtedly is quite comical.  It is like we have a sack full of chicks! That means a house full of girls. (a brothel?) Haha

But no, that’s not how we pronounce it.  Chic is pronounced as sheeek and sac is pronounced as Sack which is correct of course, but the meaning of Sac in French is bag.  Quite different from a potato sack or even when one gets sacked from one’s job.. Hehe.  Chic on the other hand means elegantly and stylishly fashionable.  So The Chic Sac means elegantly fashionable bag – which is what I personally hope to always carry on my arm although I admit that more often than not, I have been relying most frequently on my Butterfly canvas tote from Jim Thompson which I purchased from Thailand.  It is a sweet little thing, although not the most fashionable nor is it the most expensive, it is cute and spacious and washable! (which is very important especially when I use it mainly to travel to the hospital and back)  The Butterfly bag is very often thrown about that I fear for it’s condition.  So far it has proven to be sturdy – but for how long?


Secretly, I love pretty inexpensive bags more because they make the most sense.  I don’t pay a lot for them but I still enjoy using them.  A pretty inexpensive bag is a joy forever – well at least until the end of their lifespan 😛   Do you own a pretty inexpensive bag too?

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