Hello & Welcome!

5 Apr

Welcome to our blog where we share information and excitement over all things related to bags and their accessories 🙂 Occasionally there will be snippets of my life surrounding the acquisition of new bags and other lovely things and I hope you enjoy the journey together with me.

My name is Corina, as most of my regular blogshop followers would already know.  A little over 6 years ago, I started selling bags and what started out as a part time hobby became my full time occupation.  I enjoy helping people acquire beautiful things, and I think having a passion for your work is always important.  I am so happy that some of my regular customers have turned into friends 🙂 It is always so nice to meet people who share the same passion and who are humble and easy going.

Other than a couple of very self seeking and unreasonable consumers, I am generally thankful for a large base of clients who are happy and easy to deal with.  Some are also extremely caring.  In April 2012 I was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and so many wrote in to wish me well and encourage me.   I was so touched 🙂  As I continue on with dialysis, most of my time is at the hospital and what ever little time I have left, I try to get my blogshop updated and my work done. It is a lot to cope with, but it must be done and I am determined to try my best to do whatever I can to keep this up and running.  This also means limited time to do packing and shipping and I have streamlined it to twice a week.  I have help for the more physical tasks of packing and shipping, but I no longer meet customers outside due to my condition.  It is just hard to make arrangements as I am uncertain how I will be feeling when the time comes. So far, this hasn’t proven to be a big problem, so I am glad that most people understand the concept of online shopping well.

As we enter the fourth month of the year 2013, let’s hope for a very fruitful and prosperous year for all of us.  Most of all, let’s look forward to beautiful things that make life’s journey more exciting, increasingly motivating and abundantly joyous.



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